5 of my Favorite Resources

This week, I wanted to bring you some of my favorite people – I know each of them personally and they’re unique skills and gifts help me feel grounded, productive, and happy. None of these are affiliate links – just a complete gift.

030717-Colin1. “Roaming Free” Celtic Music CD
I have the pleasure of knowing Colin MacLeod PERSONALLY – and having heard him perform live. His “Roaming Free” CD is one of my go-tos when I need inspirational background music that doesn’t have words AND gets me unstuck!

2. Tips from the Queen of Self-Care
I’ll be the first to admit I often try to take on too much in too little time – and I end up feeling the squeeze. That’s why Pamela Zimmer is my go-to for all things self-care. Pamela knows that not all women (gasp) think that self-care has to do with spa days or sleeping in; she helps you find what’s right for you to keep your tanks fueled!

030717-DrSarah3. “5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm and FINALLY Get Your Writing Done”
This procrastination-killing system is brought to us by Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, a Time Matters Expert. Knowing what to do and getting it done are two different things – and this is the training that bridges the gap!

4. Rediscover Radiance Tips
Do you ever feel like a hot mess AND like you’re hot stuff – all in the space of a day? (Whew, me too!) That’s why I rely on Holly Doherty from Rediscover Radiance to remind me that I don’t have to earn my worth by doing enough. (Although, I still DO a lot!)

030717-31snacks5. 31 High Energy Snacks List
Kristen Nolan is da bomb when it comes to healthy, balanced eating. This snack list helps me pair foods that are ACTUALLY healthy (not just packaged as such) so I can keep my brain moving and grooving.

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