5 Essential Ideas for Writing a Message-Driven Book

You, my friend, are full of ideas. And while you may not realize it, you’re also very skilled at taking things that don’t seem like they go together and finding the golden thread that connects them – then creating something brand-new in the world.

That is so amazing!

You can do the same thing for writing your book. But NOT if you’re getting stuck in stodgy templates or formulas that don’t allow the alchemy of your ideas to come through.

Because let me guess…

In your search to write a book, you’ve tried out a few of those “Ten Must-Have Chapters for Your Book” or “Proven Book-Writing Formula”… and they’ve fallen flat.

They don’t take into account your message, your ideas, and your drive to change the world.

Never fear!

Here are 5 essential ideas to harness while writing your message-driven book.

1. Your message matters

This isn’t jargon or marketing speak! You have a message to share with the world, and tapping into it allows you to bring forth all of your passion, warmth, and creativity to the world. And a world governed by “rules” has done its best to keep you playing small.

The first idea I want you to breathe into is…

Your Message Matters.

This is exactly where you start when writing your book – Revealing Your Message. Doing so will set your ideas and your book free.

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2. You don’t have to write the book “in order”

Let me guess:

You’ve tried to write your book starting at the Introduction, then Chapter 1, and so on. And you quickly lost interest.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t (or shouldn’t) write a book! It simply means that you’re going about it in a way that doesn’t allow your brilliance and dynamic thinking to shine through. Once you’ve created your outline (Step 2: OUTLINING Your Message-Driven Book) then you are free to jump around in the book – and you know it’ll all get written because you have a plan.

3. Magic happens when you are… you

You are the sum total of your thoughts, experiences, training, upbringing, beliefs, and adventures. Good and bad – they all come together to make you… you.

So let that shine through! All your brilliance – and all your idiosyncrasies. Writing a book IS putting words on a page. But the way you express your ideas, stories, and thoughts doesn’t have to and SHOULDN’T conform to any set of “rules.”

Take all the exciting, magical, unusual ways you get results – and let that shine.

4. Flexibility in how you write lights you up

You wither under too much rigidity. So embrace that you need flexibility in how you write. That might look like a variety of writing locations (cafes, parks, the living room chair) or it might be the excitement of a fresh notebook and a fancy pen.

The bottom line is that the novelty of how you write keeps the ideas flowing. Don’t stifle that!

There are easy systems in Step 5: WRITING Your Message-Driven Book (part of the Finally Write Your Book Course) that will teach you how to embrace all the novelty and flexibility in writing and STILL be able to bring it all together into the structure and format of a book.

Don’t fight who you are! Embrace it!

5. You need a system, not a formula

You know that you don’t know it all! Your ideas sparkle – and you might also struggle with the follow-through. (That’s why a “template” sounds so appealing – structure!)

Here’s some truth for you:

A rigid formula or template will never work – for you. It’s too constricting and doesn’t allow you to access your Big Ideas.

A system, on the other hand, allows you to learn the process of writing a book and then make it your own. I go over my complete (proven) book writing system in my free class…

Once you see the system – which takes into account exactly how your brand of idea alchemy works – you’ll be able to imagine how it can work for your book, your ideas, your message.

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