4 Tips to Being a Guest Expert on a Blog

I recently got asked to submit a guest article for a blog. My first thought was “Yay! Awesome! Of course!” Then when I actually WROTE it on my To Do list, I realized that just WRITING the article was only part of what I needed to do.


Here are 4 steps when you’ve been asked to submit a guest post:

(This is when SHE is asking YOU – not you pitching an idea!)

1. Review their website and blog
Since you were invited to write, it’s probably a safe bet to say that HER audience is a good fit for you. But you still want to spend some time checking out her website and blog.

  • What’s the tone? Is it formal or conversational?
  • Is there anything there that doesn’t align with your business or personal vision? Your name will be forever associated with this other person so before you send them your article, be sure there’s nothing there that you’re uncomfortable with or regret.
  • How long are the articles?
  • Is the target audience beginning or advanced?
  • Have there been any guest experts in your field or industry? It’s okay if there are, you just want to make sure you’re saying something different.

2. Make sure you’re crystal clear on the requirements and deadline
Guest posting are only a win-win when BOTH of you are clear! That includes:

  • Deadline
  • Article length
  • Links to your website or opt-in page
  • Byline
  • Publication schedule
  • Headshot

Another thing to ask is about images. Will you need to provide the artwork or will your host?

I recommend pitching a few article ideas and see what resonates the most. Also ask if you’re allowed to re-publish the article on YOUR blog later. Some people are okay with that with the notice “As first appeared on XYZ.com” and others don’t want it out there. Respect the wishes of your host.

And before you write your blog, ask about including a Call To Action (CTA). Normally this would be to have HER readers go to YOUR website to subscribe to your newsletter list. But before you include it, make sure your host is okay with it. She might just want to put a link to your website or optin page without a CTA. While that might be disappointing to you – remember, it’s her party so her rules!

(MOST hosts are more than happy to have a CTA but it’s best to ask first!)

3. Promotion! Promotion! Promotion!
I have guest experts on my blog when I need a break from writing. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to promote the heck out of the article! I still send it out in my newsletter and promote it on social media. I always home my guest expert gets some great exposure from my efforts.

When I’m guesting on somebody else’s blog, I want to know how she’ll be promoting me. Will it be in her newsletter? Her social media? (And subscribe/follow/friend, etc. so you can see the promotion efforts!)

Also explain how you’ll promote the article on her website so you BOTH benefit from the exchange. There’s nothing wrong with a blurb in your newsletter and lots of social media shout outs!

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4. Afterglow!
Being a guest expert on someone’s blog is a great feeling so revel in it. This is very different than when you have that blurb posted “You can use this entire article with a byline” and you get notification that somebody has.

Nope, THIS is a partnership to bring your knowledge to somebody else’s tribe. It’s a big responsibility to speak to somebody else’s audience and you just NAILED IT. So enjoy it.

Be sure to contact your host and see if there was anything that could have been done better – better communication, promotion, deadlines, etc. If it was a positive partnership, be sure to ask how you can work together some more!


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