3 Steps to {Consistently} Finding Time to Write

It comes up a lot… how to go from idea to book. There’s really only one answer:

You write it!

Sorry for the tongue in cheek but you know it’s true!

But that doesn’t answer the question: how do you find time to write?

1. Make a Decision
This isn’t as easy as it seems! But the first thing you need to do is make the decision that your writing is important. Decide it’s worth your time, energy, creativity, and effort. Decide that it’s something you need to focus on – and that you are going to focus on it.

While it seems like “make a decision” is a once-and-done choice, it really isn’t. You have to keep deciding that your writing is important – every day if need be.

2. Set a Timer for 15 Minutes
022817-15minutesI call this a mini-goal: you’re going to write for 15 minutes every day. EVERY.DAY. And then do it.

Can you write for longer than 15 minutes? Of course!

But you can’t write for less. No matter how busy or hectic your day is, you can ALWAYS find 15 minutes. Seriously! And any day when 15 minutes is all you have (time, energy, creativity, being sick or tired or WHATEVER) you know you’re still moving your book forward.

On those days when you’re in the zone and you have both time and excitement – feel free to write for as long as you want to! But writing every day for 15 minutes adds up. And it adds up quicker than you might think.

3. Forgive – Then Get Back on the Wagon
022817-WagonThere will be days when you can’t do step 1 or 2. There will be days when life sucks and for whatever reason (or excuse) you’re not writing.

Forgive yourself.

Then get back on the wagon.

Beating yourself up over a missed writing session doesn’t put words on the paper. Thinking that you’ll “make up the time” tomorrow really doesn’t cut it either – because when you’re facing down an hour or more of missed “15 minute” sessions, you’re feeling the pressure of the clock.

So, the easiest thing to do is forgive yourself and then get back onto the wagon.

Kim Galloway
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