3 Key Takeaways from the Maribel Jimenez Book Launch

Last week I did a book launch for, “The Superwoman Entrepreneur: How to Turn Your Breakdowns into Breakthroughs to Live a Life of Peace, Play, & Prosperity” by Maribel Jimenez.

When the book debuted on September 11, 2019, it started at #446. During the course of the book launch, Maribel and the other co-authors shared wisdom from the book. I have to tell you though…

It looked like we weren’t going to make it. The book was selling (because people were telling us they were buying copies) but it wasn’t a meteoric rise up the charts. And this isn’t a $0.99 Kindle eBook either – it retails for $19.99!

Then, by 6 am the morning of September 12, 2019, it was sitting at #5 in “New Releases in Women in Business.” Get the book here.

This wasn’t a magic spell and it’s not a fluke. It was the result of concentrated effort and a solid plan.

I wanted to bring you the three key takeaways from the launching process:

1. How to climb the bestseller ranks
Is the most amount of books sold in the least amount of time. As you can watch on the livestream, we didn’t really start pushing the book until well beyond the half-way point. When you’re launching, it’s important to tell people WHY they need to buy.

2. Don’t bother with a $0.99 Kindle eBook
The LAST thing you want to do is tell your precious reader that their pain and hope is worth a buck. Not to mention how a $0.99 launch grossly undervalues YOUR efforts, skills, and message. Maribel’s book is retailing at $19.99. That means that when people buy it, they’re investing in themselves AND the message. So when it arrives – they’ll read it!

3. Keep the faith!
We didn’t hit the top 100 while we were on the livestream. That’s a bummer – and I wasn’t too happy. But I know that the real power of books isn’t in the moment of launch; it’s in the long-term support it bring readers. As the book gains a following and continues to rise in popularity (including as people review it!) the message will continue to spread.

If you want to know all the ins and outs of what it takes to make it on the bestseller list—with a real book at a real price point—then join me for “Your Bestseller – Live! Market Your Message to Bestseller Status” September 19-21, 2019.

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What the event isn’t:

  • This isn’t a “Bestseller Factory” that uses sketchy techniques to hype a $0.99 eBook to “bestseller.”
  • It’s not about producing a formula book that is heavy on fluff and empty of real message.
  • It isn’t how to create a book as a sales page or a “big business card” – those don’t work and certainly don’t share your message!

Here’s to your message and to YOUR bestselling book!

Kim Galloway
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