3 Common Sense Tips for Saving Money on Your Book

Writing a book seems like it should be really inexpensive – or even free – right? After all, you don’t NEED anything fancy – just a pen and paper.

And when you go digital, you probably already have a computer and a way to type.

But writing a book DOES have expenses. And no, you shouldn’t try to do it ALL yourself to save money. (You probably don’t have all the skills needed AND it will cost you in another commodity – time.)

Here are three common sense tips for saving money on your book:

1. Start in the RIGHT place

Publishing is sexy.
Cover design is FUN.

And these aspects of PUBLISHING your book will need a monetary investment. But to save money on your book, don’t make that investment until the book is written.

(VERY common sense yet I see many authors jumping ahead in the process and spending money on a publishing package they aren’t ready for, before the book is even written!)

And yes, you should start saving money NOW for publishing later. While I can’t give you a firm budget because all authors have different goals for publishing and marketing, you will need money to go from written book to published book!

2. Don’t buy it JUST because it’s on sale

This goes for everything from writing supplies, software, and courses. While I LOVE to stock up on my favorite one-subject, blue-cover, college-ruled notebooks every fall (back to school sales!) I don’t buy them when I don’t NEED to replenish my stash. I also don’t buy notebooks I know I won’t USE just because they’re on sale.

The same goes for software! You don’t NEED any fancy software to write your book. Especially since most of them are designed for fiction authors.

The one caveat I have on buying software is you DO need a good cloud-based, automatic backup software. While waiting for a sale if okay, don’t wait MONTHS and run the risk of losing your hard work!

I DO suggest you invest in a course (or coaching) on how to write your book. My course, Finally Write Your Book, takes you step-by-step through the process. (FYI – I don’t offer seasonal sales.)

When you’re investing in a course, be sure that it’s a good fit for you and what your goals for your book are. Don’t buy it JUST because it is on sale/a “good” deal!

3. Watch my free training

In my free class, “How to Finally Write Your Book (5 Steps) in 2023 – Without Sacrificing Your Life!” you’ll learn:

  • All you need for your book is to write down your signature talk, right? WRONG! I’ll explain how your book needs to be so much more.
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It is so tempting to think you need to DIY everything on your book. But having the right system (and mentor) to write your book means that you’ll be able to do it faster and easier – and then stop wasting money on courses, coaching, and programs that we’re a good fit for YOUR book.

While free trainings like mine are GREAT resources, also be wary of spending all your TIME trying to cobble together success from freebies. I give detailed training in my free training but the REAL juicy stuff is in the PAID course. When you want real success in writing your book, you need the full course, “Finally Write Your Book”.

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