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Welcome To New Frontier Books!

You’re an entrepreneur, a business owner. You’re a coach – an expert – and you love helping people. You might consider yourself a writer but you know for certain you have something to share.

You have a message you’re 100% ready to share with the world. NEW_FRONTIER_FFIt’s been percolating inside you and you’re ready to have it come out in the easiest, most professional way possible.

You are ready to claim your space as an expert, an author, and in the ranks of best-selling books. The idea of holding a book in your hands with your name on the cover leaves you shivery with excitement.

It’s time!

We’ll be best buds if:

    – You’re excited to become a published author but you’re not exactly sure where to start

     – You have a great message to share with the world and you’re looking to work with a professional author to make sure it’s the best it can be

    – You’d love to be seen as THE expert in your industry but your book isn’t done yet

    – You love adventure — and maybe have a not-so-secret love of the wilderness

    – You might have published a book before — and you’re looking for a better way!

New Frontier Books – adventures in writing & rock solid publishing – is here for you!


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¡Hola! I’m Kim

 Kim_Headshot-FacebookIt was a cool, windy, sunny afternoon in northern Arizona when I discovered it: you could actually get a degree in Creative Writing. A person could actually go to college and get a degree – not in Journalism or English – but in WRITING.

Holy cow!

Fast forward 15 years – one BA in Creative Writing & Spanish and a “pre-career” in my family’s tax practice later – and I finally am able to live the dream of being a full-time author and publisher. Helping people share their gifts with the world makes me deliriously happy. Like first s’more of summer happy. Especially when you’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed by the writing or publishing process…

Imagine how yummy it feels to finally hold your book in your hands — the one with ONLY your name on the cover.

THAT’S what I do for you as an Intuitive Ghostwriter, Story Pathfinder, and New Frontier Publisher.

Here’s What I Do For You:

Intuitive Ghostwriting

There’s the way you write and the way I write – somewhere here is the perfect marriage of your thoughts and ideas with my writing skills. It might be my fingers on the keyboard but it’s your voice and message coming through loud & clear.

Story Pathfinder

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees… You’re lost in the details – the trees – of your writing project and you can’t find your way. I’m here to hold the flashlight to guide you and your project to completion as well as show you the big picture.

New Frontier Publisher

This isn’t your Mama’s publishing world. Agents, NYC publishing houses, and annual royalty payments are a thing of the past. Welcome to the New Frontier of publishing! You don’t have to be scared of the dark — you’ve got an expert guide!

What Folks Say

What Folks Say

When you are setting out to publish a book, it feels great knowing that Kim Eldredge is in your court. An experienced author and publisher, Kim always seems eager to share her knowledge with her clients and does so willingly in Brew Your Book Bootcamp.

She asks helpful questions that are great for staying on task in the book-publishing journey. I really appreciated her tips and tricks for learning about becoming a best-selling author and promoting ones’ book.

Thanks Kim!

Julie Freedman Smith

— Julie Freedman SmithParenting Power

This seminar takes all the mystery out of eBook publishing. Kim is interesting & engaging while presenting me with the tools to successfully complete the publishing process.

I feel like I benefited from her trial & error and all the expertise she’s gained.

I’m excited to go publish my book right now!

Jessica Schultz

— Jessica Schultz

Dear Kim,

My dear friend and partner –


I honestly can’t imagine my biz without you. That says it all.

Sabine Messner

— Sabine MessnerWizard of Soul Purpose Branding

Having Kim as the editor or writer (or in any writing related capacity) on the project will not only elevate the quality but also your peace of mind that your project is in experienced, super competent and ethical hands. That’s what happens to me and I look forward to work with Kim again and again.

Biljana Karamehmedovic

— Biljana KaramehmedovicLeap Into Results

Before working with Kim, writing my ezine was a challenge. My schedule was so packed I never had time to write the articles! Even though I love writing, the ezine was dropping off the ‘to do’ list and postponed regularly to meet current demands.

I teach that an ezine is a great way to nurture your community and I didn’t have the space to do it myself. But I realized how beneficial it would be to have somebody supporting the ezine – making sure it was written, consistent, and reaching my community. That’s when I found Kim.

What is most powerful about working with Kim is having a dedicated person with a clear focus of what I want to communicate to my community. With Kim’s strength as a writer, it makes the whole process faster. And since we’ve started, the ezine has been on schedule and we haven’t missed an issue!

Maribel Jimenez

— Maribel JimenezDreamLaunchMentor.com

I thought I didn’t have anything to write… And that I was light years away from starting to write my book.

I thought it would be hard, complicated, and time consuming.

But Kim’s Book Idea Workbook meant that I didn’t have to start from scratch AND that I didn’t have to guess what my book should be about. She’s right, the idea really is the hardest part. But this workbook makes that easy!

Victoria Goitia-Kemp

— Victoria Goitia-KempFeng Shui Expert